A Growing Interest In Online Games Demands The Right Training For Players

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Over the last couple of years, the interest and investment in online games and fantasy sports have only increased in the country. Many youngsters are seriously considering a career in online gaming, both as players and as content creators.

Many platforms have also emerged to offer a world-class online gaming experience to players in the country. However, Indian-based content has also shown popularity among players. A survey showed that 80 per cent of gamers would like to play games based on Indian intellectual property rights. The platforms with lotusbook247 id offer games like teen Patti, Matkha, and other popular board games to players. Since a majority of players are well aware of these games, they want to try their luck online as well. The big rewards assured by online gaming platforms also attract players to try a hand at games they can play well.

In the last two years, there has been 2. 6 billion US $ investment in the Indian online gaming world by venture investors. This sustained investment climate supported by the growing base of gamers, and a publicly listed company have further enhanced the interest of investors in gaming landscape in the country. There are at least 3 unicorns in gaming in India now. The investors have also earned a decent amount of money from their investments.

However, there is some handicap as well. Many players online feel that they do not have the training facilities in online games. They learn by themselves or rely on influencers to hone their skills on chosen online games. There is no place online or offline, where they could learn and hone their skills before playing with real money. Learning online with real money can be costly for many players. Some platform lotusbook247 id offers technical support during the entire gaming session. This helps to solve real issues, which helps new players to play smoothly.

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