Are Online Poker And Rummy Games Of Skill?

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Yes, Madras high court has given the verdict that online games like poker and rummy which are real money online games. The judgment came on a case filed by the Tamil Nadu government against online gaming companies.

The verdict is the latest validation of the view of online gaming industry that not all online games are games of chance. This also highlighted the fact that now online real money games are within the legal framework. Gamers playing real money games on lotusbook 247 or any other online gaming platform can freely bet or wager on real money games. Online gaming platforms offer both real money games and casual games. But professional gamers prefer real money games where the winning amount is bigger than the betting amount.

The judgment was related to both poker and rummy. But it also involves other real money games where betting is always part of the game. The gaming industrylotus book 247has been advocating that online gaming is a legitimate business within the legal framework of India.

Of course the state government of Tamil Nadu will challenge the verdict by filing an appeal against it in Supreme Court. There are other similar appeals from some other states of the country before the Supreme Court.

Several experts, both legal and gaming, have been of the view, that high court verdict is proof of their long held view. The view is that games of skill, played online or offline, are games where a gamer can control outcome with skill and experience. And that these games, whether involving betting or not, cannot be banned by states.

Gamers now can freely visit the online gaming lotus book 247 platforms operating from India to place betting. The betting can be on football, cricket, tennis, car and horse races, etc. there are board games and live casino as well for casino lovers. All famous and popular casino games are for betting in live casino.