Career Opportunities Are Emerging In the Online Gaming Industry

Online Gaming Industry

Career opportunities are fast emerging in the online gaming industry as the government of India has recognised the industry as sun rising. The possibilities are not only for gamers but also for creators. The facts that are coming from the survey conducted some time back point to the growing interest among youngsters in online games. The lotusbook 247 registration has seen manifold growth in the recent past. There has been an increase in the number of players who come for playing with real money.

There is no doubt that India is the largest consumer of mobile and online games in the world. Last year, there were 15 billion downloads of mobile games in the country. The gamers, online players, on lotus book 247 registration come from all parts of the country. They are also coming from small cities and towns, as the penetration of internet and smartphones have increased access to online games.

These days’ youngsters are planning to build careers in online games. As game money has increased in recent years to millions, the attraction of online games has grown simultaneously. Consider this, the championship series called LOL has a US $ 2 million prize money. The counter-strike global offensive has prize money in millions also.

A factor that is generating interest is the availability of world-class games and interactive experiences. With just lotus book 247 registration, a player can access all board games, casino games, and fantasy sports events. The final call depends on her skill, talent and some luck.

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