Finally A Good News Regarding Gaming Start-Ups That Indicate The Potential Of Gaming

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In the recent past there have been a series of news and announcements that were not taken kindly or positively by the gaming companies in the country. Almost all emerged from the fact that a higher tax slab was imposed on the gaming companies in the country by the goods and services tax council.

A couple of days ago a news came out that a major South Korea company wants to invest a handsome sum in India gaming start-ups. This shows that the outside world still feels and rightly so that the gaming industry in India will touch new heights. Huge consumer base lotus 247 book companies will continue to attract gamers, both casual and professional. To catch this wave, a South Korean company, which is a game developer, will make an investment of $ 150 million over the three years.


In the last three years, the company, krafton has already invested equal amounts in major game developers in India. The company is bullish on India as it believes that some Indian start-ups in gaming would create intellectual property rights in future in gaming. The gaming companies in India are creating core values through lotus247book gaming and entertainment, but at the same time they are also leading the way to create and monetize intellectual property rights.

After the high taxation, the gaming companies in the country want to innovate and create their own unique games for gamers. The gaming company lotus 247 book wants to attract new gamers and at the same time keep the consumer base intact. Also Indian gamers want to play games based on Indian themes and stories.
The South Korean company feels that there is a huge potential in different intellectual property rights. There are some short term issues, but a growing market takes time to settle down and chart its own course.