Indian E-Sport Market Will Be One Of The Biggest In The World

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The growing trend in the Indian online gaming industry continues. The E-sport segment of the online gaming industry will be one of the biggest in the world in the coming years. It is expected to hit the 140 billion dollar mark in the next five years.

That is why all authorized online gaming platforms have created unique E-sports for gamers. They know that legal support provided by the government will encourage more and more gamers to put their skills into E-sports. Through the lotusbook247 login, a gamer enters the world of fantasy as well as E-sports. It has been observed that gamers try creating their own dream team of players who are currently playing in IPL matches. The performance of dream teams is matched by comparing the performance of individual players in actual IPL matches.

A survey conducted by the State of India Gaming found that in the last few years, the number of gamers grew by 4x. Currently, there are around 6 lac E-sports players in the country. Taking the current growth rate into consideration, it can be safely assumed that this number will come to close to 2 million by 2027.

Lately, leading online gaming platforms have started creating interesting and popular E-sports for e-sports players. Often players like to go to those platforms that have transparency in their business and operations. The lotusbook247 login, for example, allows a player to have her own virtual account that remains under control of the player. The money is deposited in this account. Any time player can withdraw the money without the need for permission from the platform. The winning amount is also deposited in the same account. The player, who is the winner, can withdraw the amount through lotus book 247 login within 24 hours. This aspect of business assumes importance since 13 % of players come to win rewards through real money in games.