More Time Is Being Spend On Gaming Than On Watching Films

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Online gaming sector in the country is witnessing stupendous growth in the last few years. It is becoming a dominant part of the digital revolution that is underway in the country. All leading online gaming platforms have seen growth in gamers and consumer base. Gamers are increasingly coming to platforms like lotus book 247 betting ID to access real money gaming, fantasy sports and live casino.

The main reason could be that gaming is interactive. Gamers can control games and also create opportunities with skill and experience. Online real money gaming is giving opportunity to gamers to win bumper prizes with every successful betting and wagering.

In the last three years, the online gaming industry has grown at a CAGR of 28 percent. And this figure is going to get fat in the coming years. Currently the industry is estimated to be at over 16 thousand crores. In the next few years it is expected to reach over 33 thousand crores. The number of gamers in the country is currently at second highest in the world behind only china.

Another trend that is increasing is the role of real money games. The percentage of gamers opting for real money games is also on the rise. The chief reason could be the opportunity to earn big. A gamer who wants to graduate in gaming wants to come to real money games or live casinos. A gamer who is confident of her card skills definitely goes to a live casino. They do not want to get engaged in a ‘game of chance or game of skill ‘debate.

Professional gamers know well that with skill and experience, it becomes easy to escape huge losses. And it became easy to navigate the difficult situations and increase the odds in favor. Gamers also enjoy the thrill of a live casino that is accessed with the same lotusbook247 Id or any other gaming platforms id. Single id is enough to get involved in fantasy E-sports as well.