More Time Is Spending On Gaming In India Than Watching Film

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The popularity of the online gaming industry is on the rise and it will continue to grow in the coming years. The fact has emerged that online gaming is fast eclipsing the traditional means of entertainment that is watching films. In online gaming, real money gaming is the fastest growing segment. Real money involves betting on chosen online gaming platforms such as lotus book 247 Betting ID or any other the gamer prefers.

The facts about online gaming came from the EY’s latest study on the Indian gaming landscape. The study with the title ‘new frontiers: navigating the evolving landscape for online gaming in India, mentioned that gaming is now surpassing films and other entertainment streams.

The acceleration in popularity of online gaming came in the last few years. These were the years of covid, and people had time to play the games and explore its different formats. The growth of online gaming has been at the CAGR of 28 percent, which is a healthy rate of growth for any industry.

Anyone who wants to play any online games just needs to get Lotus Book 247 Betting ID and enter the world of online gaming. Online gaming also encompasses live casino and fantasy sports. These two are part of real money games. Gamers start with casual games and then graduate to real money games. They want to exploit their experience and skills to earn monetary awards.

Since everyone has a mobile with a net connection, the registration process has been made simple by online gaming platforms. This has made Indian online gaming a mobile phone phenomenon as 94 percent gamers engage with gaming through mobile phones.

The main attraction of online gaming has been the real money games. A gamer can bet on any game or live casino board game after registration with say lotusbook247 betting id or with any other online platform. Every successful bet means a much higher return than the betting amount.