Online Gaming Players Are Attracted Towards Games With Indian Cultural Resonance

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An interesting facet that has emerged in online gaming world in the country is popularity of games with Indian cultural roots. It has come to the notice through many surveys that Indian players who are active on online gaming platforms such as lotusbook247 id prefer games with Indian resonance. They are willing to play games based on Indian history, mythology, culture and religion.

Not only are gamers or players playing games based on Indian history or mythology, but non gamers also start playing such games. It has been confirmed by various surveys that more and more players are willing to download apps that have games with Indian background. The background can be history, mythology, religion or celebrities.

It is not mentioned in any survey why there is such a preference for such games. But it can be safely assumed that familiarity with such concepts and motif creates an ambience that encourages participation in such games.

Keeping this fact in mind, several leading platforms allow players to enter into the online gaming world and play any game they prefer with just a simple lotusbook247 id through a WhatsApp number. Once a player has got an id she can play any game or e sport. All platforms including Lotus have created games based on concepts which were popular offline in the early years. Some of these concepts are number Matka, teen Patti, horse and car races and board games. Some of the board games that were popular among youngsters in India in past are today available in online versions.

Casual gamers are becoming professionals with experience. With expertise that comes with experience, gamers are willing to pay for apps and games they want to play. They get technical support with lotus book 247 id which helps gamers to navigate the site smoothly.