Only Online Games Certified By A Self-Regulatory Body Will Be Available For Gamers

A couple of days ago, the government of India notified the rules for the online gaming industry in the country. Under these rules, there will be self-regulatory bodies that will certify the games. Only those games that have approval from the self-regulatory bodies will be allowed to get online for gamers. Players can play skill-based games with lotus book 247 id on an authorised site which is already within the legal framework created by the authorities for online games. The rules also clearly made difference between skills-based games and games of chance.

Initially, there will be three self-regulatory bodies. The number will be increased later if there is more workload and cases for approval are high. Each self-regulatory body will have representatives from the online gaming industry, mental health experts, information and technology experts, educationists, people associated with child rights, people with special knowledge or experts in the field of psychology.

The government came out with regulatory norms after extensive consultations and discussions with stakeholders, and industry representatives. The regulatory body has to decide on the gaming company’s application for approval within three months. The platforms that are authorised need no certification from the bodies. Gamers can play fantasy sports with lotusbook 247 id without any doubt or legal issues. The industry representatives are of the view that once a game or gaming platform has been approved by the regulatory body, it should be made available to all gamers across the country. The gaming platform certification should be outside the preview of state laws as well.

There is concern that many states may still make laws that ban the games within their jurisdiction. However, platforms which are already within the legal framework will attract more gamers. The need for lotusbook 247 id makes it easy to enter the world of fantasy sports which is left untouched by the recent rules for online games.

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