Parents are gradually supporting kids gaming interest and online gaming consumption

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Along with tremendous growth of online gaming in the country another interesting fact has come to light. This is because parents are gradually coming to view gaming as something that is positive for their children. The fact came up in a survey conducted by leading gaming console and computer maker HP.

More than half percent of parents surveyed supported their children joining gaming. However, for real money gaming only males and females above 18 can take part. That is also changing as real money gamers are earning in six figures. And are participating in offline tournaments where prize money is even higher than betting. In other words it means that those who are coming to say, lotusbook247 signin come with parent approval. Of course parents still do not allow their children to play real money games.

But gradually the male and females above 18 will play real money games as they graduate in their gaming skills.It is natural for a gamer to test her skills and experience. Also a gamer who feels that she has enough experience wants to come to real gaming where loss and win can be in real currency.

There is no survey yet to confirm that gamers who start with casual games come to real money games. But there is a desire in every gamer to exploit her skills by playing real money games. And this desire is fulfilled with betting and wagering on real money games, fantasy E-sports or in live casinos.

A gamer who wants to bet needs to come to an online gaming platform. The best way is to go to a platform that operates within the country and conforms to all relevant data protection rules. There are many including lotus book 247 sign in for real money games. The sign in has been made very simple. Only a WhatsApp number is needed to enter a sign for visiting any online real money game or live casino.