Gamers Showing Preferences For Online Games With Indian Resonance

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Online games are becoming increasing popular among India both males and females. The rising status of online games has led government to notify the rules for the games and gamers. Now online gaming industry is a sun rising industry and all efforts are being made to promote the games as part of a huge digital economy.

Recently state of the Indian gaming report mentioned that gamers are downloading more online gaming apps in India than in any country of the world.Sites such as lotus book 247 have seen increased traffic in recent years. The reason is that gamers prefer online games which they have played in offline form. Games like teen Patti, Matkha, horse racing or car racing or fantasy cricket are popular among gamers.

The incentives offered to first time gamers also encourage gamers to play with real money games. Real money games involved using real money and trying to use skill to gain big rewards. Since skill based games are given legal support, there is an increased interest in real money games. As high as 48 % are willing to play with real money. The virtual deposit and comprehensive security features have enhanced the confidence of gamers. They faster money withdrawal facilities provided with the sites like lotus book 247 also help gamers to get rewards instantly.

The growing interest in games has created an opportunity for online gaming companies to design more games with Indian roots. It was revealed in the report on state of games that 82% gamers are willing to play games based on Indian mythology. However, during the IPL season making own cricket teams has been a trend. Sites like lotusbook247 have create fantasy sport section to allow gamers to make dream team. The sites also provide tips and technical inputs the create odds in favour of gamers.

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